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Round Table “Is there anything we may learn from the Global Middle Ages that may help us tackle Climate Change?” at the IMC 2021, 5th to 8th of July 2021

As people are looking for ways to tackle climate change, those means and methods of the Human Past are examined for their impact. …

Dried-out earth, cracked and warped.
Dried-out earth, cracked and warped.
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A Call for Papers for Sessions planned at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds, 5th to 8th of July 2021

The aim of this session is to present the effects of Extreme Climate Events not just through the lens of the written record but also through the material testimony to these events in archaeology and art…

A river flowing through a landscape, villages and houses on its banks. In the background, hills loom against a clouded sky.
A river flowing through a landscape, villages and houses on its banks. In the background, hills loom against a clouded sky.
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Deadline Extended!

In the course of history, rivers could be anything: cultural landscapes like the Rhine. They can be lifelines of entire countries such as the Nile in Egypt or the Thames in England. Sometimes rivers also become landmarks of history. Sometimes they formed borders between two or more (dominion) territories, like for example Rhine and Donau. Another time they separate linguistic and cultural spaces. But rivers could also create spaces: expressions such as the Rhineland bear witness to the fact that a river can define its catchment area, which lies to the left and right of its course and…

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Part III of the “If I were to run shop…” Series

And what I hear most of the time js that Purpose = the Big Hairy Goals; changing the world, the people, the universe etc.
All the time it’s: “Daniel, don’t tell me what you do. Tell me WHY you do it?”

Seriously, I’m sick of it.

Let me be frank: why would…

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The Lack of Space

And it’s not just the space between buildings. It’s the space between villages, the space between towns, the sheer distance between one place to the next. Lots of space to breathe, live and prosper.

But then again, there’s not.

In the initial piece of “Rise of the Regions”, I wrote that there is a lack of infrastructure in the countryside that makes entrepreneurs and startups head for the cities. …

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A Big Idea for 2019

Nope, I’d rather give you some thoughts on the things that are on my mind whenever I have some downtime. Things that move me more (Sorry Boss!) than cutting edge technology and innovating at the highest possible level with a crew of brilliant minds.

Let’s me…

Part II of the “If I were to run shop…” series

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Recently I wrote a small piece on how I would run things if I were to run shop. Since then I have been thinking a lot about the idea of running shop and had some great discussions on the topic. Here are some more thoughts on working hours.

Just a cursory glimpse at the history of the 8-hour-workday will show you that’s it only been quite recently introduced: the first country doing so on a national scale was Uruguay in 1915.

Now consider that 104 years later, we are discussing 4-day-workweeks, flexible work hours, remote and distributed work forces and…

Part I of the Series

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Do you ever have this special day-dream? The one where you are the owner & founder of a successful startup and you kind of imagine how things would run in your shop?

Me as well.

Here’s how I’d run shop in, well, my shop.

Meet the Team

So, you want to meet the bright and brilliant human beings that create greatness on a daily scale?

Well, you’d have to simply hop on a video chat to meet them in an “All-Hands”… wait what… video chat?

Yes. If you want to meet my team, basically anyone below management, you’d have to call in…

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“Was sind deine Vorhersagen für 2019?”
Diese Frage in einer E-Mail von LinkedIn hat mich ein wenig überrascht.

Normalerweise würde ich euch mit einem langatmigen Monolog darüber unterhalten, wie VR, AR und XR die Welt/unsere Erfahrungen/die Realität verändern/verbessern/innovieren werden — aber das wäre wirklich nur mein langweiliger Sales Pitch, der den Umsatz steigern soll.

Zu dieser Frage würde ich lieber einige Gedanken zu Themen mit euch teilen, die mir immer wieder im Kopf herumschwirren. Dinge, die mich mehr bewegen (Sorry Boss!) als Spitzentechnologie und Innovation auf höchstem Niveau mit einer Crew brillanter Köpfe.

Ich glaube, dass wir einen Anstieg des…

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I mentor.

Not one of those Mentoring programmes like that on one of those Online Business Social Networks, but the 1:1 mentoring that actually has me connect with people and meet them personally.

And I never asked to mentor anyone. Never offered my services nor made an ad. People just asked if I could tackle a problem with them and those regular sessions just stuck until someone turned around and said:

“You’re a great mentor!”

And I never thought me to be a mentor. I trained as a teacher but ditched that for the Online World. I provide consultation, both…

Daniel Brown

“Love people and use things, the opposite never works.” — Joshua Fields Millburn, The Minimalists / Product Specialist/ Consultant / Mentor

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